If Yan Can Cook, So Can I


Please tell me someone out there remembers the show “If Yan Can Cook,” because I adored this as a child (yes, I am a bit odd, we’ve established this. Well, between Yan and my father I learned to love cooking. Recently, my lovely editor Angela over at Untrained Housewife, published my recipe for Kale and White Bean Soup. It is a delicious soup that is just perfect for this time of year and I urge you to try it. In case you need more reassurance of the soup’s awesomeness here are some reviews on said soup:

“It’s fantastic honey!” – My parents

“Soup againnnnnn?” – My 4-year-old twins

“You make the best soup!” – My 8-year old daughter

With ringing endorsements like that… well, you will just have to try it for yourself.