Book Butler – At Your Service

Book Butler - At Your Service

Not to disappoint but “Book Butler” is not the name of my sexy librarian Halloween costume… unless… hmmm…

A few weeks ago on one of our library visits, I found myself remarking to Jack, “I am not your personal Book Butler – you do have to try and find some of the books on your own.” In the middle of silently laughing at my own joke – book butler… hilarious! – the young, hipster librarian laughed out loud (like actually, laughed out loud, not just in shorthand) and said she was stealing that line. Since she’s kind of my idol, seeing as she currently holds one of my dream jobs, I was as flattered as if say… Dick Wolf and the team at Law & Order: SVU has asked me to fill in for Mariska for a few episodes.

The truth is I would gladly be anyone’s book butler! I really did think I would own a bookstore one day (ideally in London or the Virgin Islands – covering multiple climates just in case) and well I suppose I still have time. But how about for now, I just continue being your virtual book butler.

Currently on my nightstand (and in stacks on the ground next to my nightstand) are the following (either just finished, or on deck):

Fall of Giants by Ken Follett – If you were a fan of Pillars of the Earth, you will enjoy this immensely. This is an epic saga (and part one of the Century Trilogy) that will give you a different perspective on World War I and it’s a book that you’ll be glad you can’t finish in one night – it’s easy to get attached to the characters.

Inferno by Dan Brown – I didn’t love it as much as The Da Vinci Code, but if you are in fact looking for a fast-paced read that you can finish in one night, you will welcome the return of Professor Langdon.

The Never List by Koethi Zan – I have put off reading this one mainly because I keep hearing how disturbing it is – which I normally love, but ever since I binged-watched Homeland (Seasons 1 and 2), I try not to get myself too worked up at night. From everyone I know who has read it – if you loved Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, than you will enjoy The Never List.

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life by Byron Katie – Recommended by my therapist (why is that still such a dirty word? As if we all couldn’t benefit from talking to a therapist every so often… Well not Tom Cruise of course, but the rest of us), Byron Katie challenges those rigid beliefs that we all have about ourselves or our situations. Her 4 questions help shed new light on whatever you may be struggling with. And if you are someone who thinks and speaks in absolutes as I know I tend to do, her method can really work to get you unstuck mentally.

That’s just a small sampling of what I have been reading, but if you still need more ideas – here are a few of the Book Lists I have published elsewhere.

And because I am ALWAYS looking for my next favorite book – please tell me what you’ve been reading!!

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