Scary Mommy’s Thanksgiving Project

Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project

If you haven’t stumbled onto Jill Smokler’s site – Scary Mommy – then do yourself a favor and head right over there (after you read the rest of this post). I love when I see her posts pop up in my Facebook feed – usually because I know laughter will follow and because it helps me not take myself so seriously as a mother, but I was especially touched by her Thanksgiving Project. Read all about it here and consider helping a family who’s struggling this year. 100 % of your donation goes to giving families a Thanksgiving dinner they won’t soon forget.

If you are sobbing after reading the testimonials (like I was), then go read 33 Reasons Moms Are Late (Mom, if you are reading this – then I am assuming the sock bit resonated with you – man, you were angry at me – I know how angry you were because of how angry I get when Ainsley throws a sock tantrum).


2 thoughts on “Scary Mommy’s Thanksgiving Project

  1. Our church does this and we used to provide turkeys, mashed potatoes etc, but now they collect the money and they have a crew that shops and cooks and one that delivers. I think they are up to about 40 complete meals they will deliver or more.

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