15 Winter Break Boredom Busters

20 Winter Break Boredom Busters

Wow. Did Christmas just sneak right the heck up on everyone? No? Just me? Either way. Last thing I remember seeing on the calendar was Halloween and BAM! CHRISTMAS! Just like that and I am staring down the barrel of 2 weeks of winter break with the kids home from school every day (actually every. single. day). That means that this work-from-home mom goes from having a delightful office setting where talk radio or Micheal Bolton Radio on Pandora (I kid… maybe) waft through the laptop speakers and English breakfast tea can be sipped slowly, almost leisurely, while carefully crafting brilliant content for her clients… to breaking up sibling fights, stepping on Legos where there shouldn’t be Legos and noise… so much noise.

I’ll admit I do actually like having my kids home from school (I even love them!) especially with a reprieve from homework and school projects, but I like to have an ample list of activities to pull from if boredom strikes or we get snowed in (we haven’t been snowed in since we lived in Chicago- but I bet this applies to quite a few of you). These activities/games/crafts do not have to be elaborate or expensive – just something interesting and entertaining enough to pass the time together as a family. I have scoured the web for the best in family entertainment – many we have tried and are favorites in my own home.

15 Winter Break Boredom Busters

Snowmen Potato Printing – We won’t be making any real snowmen in Florida, so we might have to try this art project instead.

Christmas Book Reading  – Here are 20 of my favorite Christmas stories. We are obsessed with Christmas books, so I did have to narrow the list down – but the more the merrier.

Repurpose Christmas Cards – The photo cards we receive, I keep on a metal ring, divided by year – but for other cards, these are some great ideas for reusing them!

Snow Games – If you are lucky enough to have a white Christmas, here are some fun games to play in the snow.

Fingerprint Elves – These would make cute cards, or place settings at Christmas dinner.

Reindeer Noses Candy Cane Gingerbread Cookies  – Delicious, adorable, and could be given as gifts – score! Or you know, just enjoy all of them as a family. 

Holiday Bookmarks – If you haven’t visited Teachers Pay Teachers yet, please do! It’s an excellent resource for supplementing school work at home – and there’s a lot of free content available for download – including these holiday bookmarks

Christmas Tic Tac Toe – We made this last year and the kids were very excited for it to reappear this year when we unpacked the Christmas decorations. Hours of fun.

Reindeer Thumbprint Ornament – Such a sweet gift and keepsake.

Bottle Cap Snowmen Ornament – Have a few leftover beer bottle caps in the kitchen junk drawer? This is the perfect craft to help use them up. If you don’t have any, well then … drink up!

Car Track Tape – Turn your floor into a rip-roaring car track with the Autobahn tape kit. Huge favorite at our house – I may have insisted the kids let me play with it first…

Calm Jar – Even 2 years later, we are still making these on a regular basis whether for gifts, or because someone wants to try a new color combination.

DIY Glittery Snow Globes – A twist on the calm jar! I have been searching for a snow globe I actually want to purchase, instead I think we will just make our own this year.

Paper Clip Bookmarks – What a cute idea! Use your leftover Christmas ribbon for holiday-themed bookmarks. Would also make a great gift for kids to make for friends and family.

Build an Igloo – This activity requires a lot of snow and patience, for the snow-free indoor version – use all of the empty boxes from Christmas presents and either cover them with wrapping paper (flipped over to show the white side) or paint the boxes white. Let your kids try and figure out how to assemble them. Should buy you a few hours. 🙂

And of course my favorite winter activities – Christmas Movie Marathon, Christmas Light Tour and a Christmas Music Dance Party! Happy Holidays!



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