Crafty Christmas Gifts for Teachers & Classmates

How did Christmas get here already?! My children and I moved into this home exaclty a year ago and as cliche as this is, the time really flew. I have been trying to keep things very simple this year – be more present, don’t eat yellow snow and all those other wise tips my father has always given me – but Christmas time always seems to be hectic! Allow me to help you, even if just a tiny bit, by offering up some crafty gift ideas (see what I did there… crafts, crafty… I know. Funny) for you and your children to make for their classmates and teachers.

One of the activities on our Christmas Advent Calendar is to make Christmas gifts for teachers (and classmates if the school allows). I always try and rack my brain to come up with something cute, creative and … not too expensive – my 4 kids have 6 teachers between them and a whole bunch of classmates! Here are some ideas I have come across on my favorite blogs and sites (yes, some of my own too).

I am sure there isn’t a teacher out there who couldn’t benefit from a Calm Jar – just make sure to help your child carry this one in to the classroom!

No one is going to be disappointed with a gift card, but print out these thank you cards from Blissfully Domestic and have your kids color them with holiday colors for a personal touch.

Dollar Store Crafts is one of my most favorite inspiration sites and this idea is pure genius. I have a small box where I collect all the misplaced puzzle pieces, because I just knew one day we’d have a use for them! Puzzle Piece Ornaments would be a perfect gift for teachers or classmates (depending on how many missing pieces you have;).

Check out my list of 25 Uses for Mason Jars – you are sure to find the perfect gift idea for your child’s teacher!

Another great DIY Ornament idea from Dollar Store Crafts – would work for teachers or classmates!

Leftover Halloween lollipops hiding in the back of your pantry? Why not turn them into these adorable Christmas reindeer? You can also use craft clothespins. These are easy for little hands to help with and inexpensive to give out to classmates.

Here’s another simple reindeer craft – perfect for classmates. And this one is made with candy canes.

These Santa Belt Treat Boxes from Madigan Made are adorable and so simple to make! Fill with little trinkets or treats for classmates and a gift card or two for the teacher!

Do you get overwhelmed this time of year when trying to plan gifts for teachers and goody bags for classmates – or do you skip it all together? Share in the comment section below – Happy Holidays!


Gobble, Gobble


While Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite holiday (Christmas – no contest), I do enjoy decorating this time of year. If you are still in need of some creative place settings for the big feast, then check out my tutorial on Untrained Housewife for these Thankful Thanksgiving Place Settings. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Ho, Ho, Ho

I know, I know… it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I am already thinking about Christmas. I am one of those people that gets annoyed by all the Christmas Decorations that are splattered all over the stores and malls immediately after the Halloween decorations come down, but I can’t help but get amped up for Christmas and the tree and lights… but really what I love, is the Christmas movies. Which is why we watched one of our favorites this weekend – Fred Claus.


And I have also already finished one Christmas-themed craft – check out my DIY Advent Calendar over on The Untrained Housewife.


Happy Holidays;)